Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lazy Portfolios: 2009 YTD Performance Update

In the past 10 years (1998-2008), the Ultimate Buy&Hold portfolio performed the best. Now how did they do this year? Which one is the winner up to now?

The table below shows the YTD performance update of the Lazy Portfolios on 1/28/09. The Total Bond portfolio continued to perform well (Rank 1). The best performing Lazy Portfolio is now Dr. Bernstein's Smart Money (Rank 2) . The 10 year best performing portfolio - The Ultimate Buy&Hold - is Ranked at 6, only slightly better than the total stock market index portfolio (Ranked 7). The three portfolios performed below the markets are Dr Bernstein's No Brainer (Rank 8), the 8 year old Starter portfolio (Rank 9), and the Yale Unconventional Portfolio (Rank 10). (Note: All YTD data are from

1. Total Bond Index (Rank 1) (Benchmark)
2. Dr. Bernstein's Smart Money (Rank 2)
3. Aronson Family Portfolio (Rank 3)
4. Margaritaville (Rank 4)
5. Coffeehouse (Rank 5)
6. The Ultimate Buy&Hold (Rank 6)

7. Total Stock Index (Rank 7) (Benchmark)
8. Dr Bernstein's No Brainer (Rank 8)
9. Starter portfolio (Rank 9)
10. Yale Unconventional (Rank 10)

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